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Posted by: Keith Chow on May 13, 2011 at 11:47 am

Today’s the day, ten years in the making.

Around 10pm EST, Tom Welling’s Clark Kent will officially be known as Superman (we think.)

Come back tonight around 8pm to catch me liveblogging every Supermoment of the Finale!

In the meantime, check out this fanmade video that edits together one defining moment from each of the 218 episodes from the last ten years in chronological order:

See you at 8pm!

9:59pm — Ladies and gentlemen, Superman has left the building.

9:52pm — I waited ten years to see Superman save Lois on a plane!

9:50pm — It’s NOT the SR suit?! HOLY SHIT!!!!

9:48pm — This scene would have been even more epic that wasn’t the #@$%#%$ Superman Returns suit!

9:45pm — Mindwiping Lex? Seriously?

9:43pm — Not for nothing, but I’d rather own Smallville on blu-ray.

9:37pm — So Jor-El’s been watching the show these last ten years too?

9:36pm — Darkseid possessed Lionel?

9:32pm — Lois! On a plane! Superman can’t be too far behind…

9:30pm — After ten years. There’s only 30 minutes left in Smallville. :(

9:26pm — Not sure I’m comprehending Lex’s motivations exactly. Why would he be encouraging Clark to become Superman?

9:22pm — It’s so great to have a [real] Clark/Lex scene on Smallville again.

9:14pm — So is Darkseid going to be Smokey the whole time?

9:12pm — Damn. Such a shame Rosey and John Glover won’t get to share a real scene together.

9:08pm — Is it me? Or is Papa Luthor’s beard bushier than normal?

8:59pm — Please tell me this show doesn’t end on the reveal that everything that happened on “Smallville” was a comic book written by Chloe.

8:54pm — Well, everyone who assumed the ending would be Clark vs. a Darkseid-possessed Ollie can breathe a sigh of relief.

8:43pm — Uh, shouldn’t Clark have his glasses on right now?

8:41pm — How is it that, like, NASA is unaware Apokolips is in our Solar System?

8:37pm — I wish they used this Metropolis apartment set several seasons ago instead of the Talon set.

8:32pm — If not for Nikita, I’d have no reason to watch the CW next year.

8:26pm — Clark has very neat handwriting.

8:25pm — 25 minutes in and this is already better than Superman Returns. Yeah I said it!

8:20pm — Man, I miss Martha and Jonathan.

8:15pm — I hope “Super 8″ is awesome and reminiscent of early Spielberg.

8:14pm — Did you ever think that you’d see a live action version of Apokolips on TV before you ever saw it on the big screen?

8:12pm — Wow, it’s hard liveblogging. I just want to pay attention to the show.

8:07pm — Say What?! Special Guest Star Aaron Ashmore?!

8:03pm — Wait, how can Chloe and the kid be from seven years in the future? The Smallville comic book was dated April ’11.

8:02pm — Best “Previously on…” ever? “And now, the series finale of Smallville…”

7:59pm — This is actually the first Smallville I’ve watched live since I got a DVR.

7:55pm — Five minutes away. I’m actually feeling butterflies. Anyway, got on my red and blue and ready. Let’s do this, Smallville.


Keith is the Editor-at-Large of the groundbreaking graphic novel anthology SECRET IDENTITIES and Outreach Director for SIUniverse Media. Visit the official Secret Identities blog to keep up with Keith and the rest of the SI team

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1 Response to "Waiting For Superman: Superman Begins"

1 | Gerry Gladston

May 14th, 2011 at 1:24 pm


“Waiting for Superman”: I loved it! Very clever writing, and as I was reading, I thought it must be tough to do this while watching the show, and lo and behold, Keith mentions “Wow, it’s hard liveblogging”! LOL, and Clark has neat handwriting and Papa Luthor’s beard is bushier than usual! I DVR’d the episode, and now I really can’t wait to see it. Thanks Keith!

Waiting For Superman: Superman Begins