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Posted by: Keith Chow on April 8, 2011 at 10:14 am

Missed me? Since Smallville went on its annual spring hiatus, I thought I’d take a break as well. But I’m back now, just in time for the final five episodes of Smallville. Before new episodes return next week, The CW is going back to the beginning tonight and re-airing the pilot. It ought to be interesting to see how much the cast — and the show — has changed in the ten years since it debuted.

Coincidentally, The CW’s Pilot rebroadcast isn’t the only Smallville Season One episode making the news. A couple of weeks ago, word broke that a former Freak of the Week from the episode “Craving” was cast as the new Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot. What’s that? You didn’t realize multiple Oscar-nominee Amy Adams played a fat-sucking meteor freak in the early days of Smallville? But now that the former Jodi Melville is now Lois Lane, I thought I’d take this week to look back at other current Hollywood stars who graduated from Smallville High. But first, let’s look back at our new Lois Lane’s first trip through Smallville.

CRAVING: Season 1, Episode 7

As Jodi, Adams played a Smallville High student struggling with her weight. After drinking a kryptonite-infused protein shake, though, Jodi sheds the ill-fitting fatsuit and becomes an instant object of desire for all the jocks in the school. Unfortunately, one of the nasty side effects of the krypto-shake involves Jodi having to use her mutated lizard jaw to vacuum the fat out of any living organism. Who knew that sucking the lard out of roadkill and high school football players would be a precursor to Disney Princesshood and Oscar red carpet glory?

COVENANT: Season 3, Episode 22

Alas, Amy Adams isn’t the only future DC Comics heroine to cross paths with Clark over the last decade. Back in 2004, Clark met the upcoming Wonder Woman when Adrianne Palicki guest-starred in the Season Four Finale “Covenant” as the mysterious Kara — though not the Supergirl version (she’d debut three years later and be portrayed by V‘s Laura Vandervoort). Instead of being Kal-El’s cousin, though, this Kara was actually a girl named Lindsay who Jor-El had “reprogrammed” to seduce Clark in order to, and I’m guessing, mate and populate the Earth with Superbabies? Why Jor-El named his seductress after Clark’s cousin, I’ll never know. Either way, she’s Wonder Woman now.

BOUND: Season Four, Episode 9

Speaking of Wonder Woman, an actress who was long attached to the role — especially when nerd messiah Joss Whedon was in charge of the flick — is the star of How I Met Your Mother Cobie Smulders. Though she never got the chance to don the tiara, bodice, or golden lasso of truth, Smulders still gets to be a comic book character since she’ll be S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill in Whedon’s mega-superhero opus “The Avengers” next year. But before she was Robin “Sparkles” on HIMYM, she was setting Lex Luthor on fire on Smallville. In the episode “Bound,” Smulders played Shannon Bell, one of Lex’s scorned lovers who exacts her revenge after getting blown off one too many times by taking Lex to the mall! Maybe I’m getting my shows mixed up.

X-RAY: Season One, Episode 4

In the first season episode that introduced Clark’s x-ray vision, True Blood star Lizzy Caplan played Tina Greer, a shape-shifting freak of the week with an unhealthy Lana fixation (surprise!). Tina proved to be such a popular villain, she was brought back in the second season episode “Visage,” masquerading as Lana’s boyfriend Whitney. Though her mutation was never sufficiently explained, it was never clear on how Lana went from wanting to be like Lana to wanting to be with Lana. But back in the first season, it was never important why all of the kids in school wanted to be with Lana anyway. Other than the fact that she was played by Kristin Kreuk.

KINETIC: Season One, Episode 13

Since we’re talking about Whitney, it makes sense to bring up “Kinetic,” the sole Smallville episode that featured him in the main narrative. But how is this episode relevant to the topic of the post? Apparently, in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo, the future Kate Austen played the girlfriend of one of the krypyo-tatted jocks who were getting Whitney in trouble. I don’t recall if Lilly had any lines. But I do know that she was only credited as “Girlfriend,” so I’d assume the answer is no.

ASYLUM: Season 3, Episode 9

Believe it or not, Kate isn’t the only future Lostie to find themselves in Smallville, Kansas before boarding Oceanic 815. Before he played a dead guy on Lost, he played an undead guy on Smallville. Introduced in the episode “Asylum” as a potential love interest for Lana, speculation soon followed that Somerhalder’s Adam Knight character was actually a sly way for the producers to sneak Bruce Wayne on the show. (Get it? Adam–as in West, and Knight–as in “The Dark…”) Eventually, Somerhalder’s multiple-arc run on the show witnessed Knight’s (d)evolution from potential Lana boyfriend (and proto-Batman) to a zombie with an addiction to an experimental serum created by Lionel. And now he’s a vampire on The CW. Wasn’t Boone a ghost on Lost too? Maybe Somerhalder should play a werewolf next.

PRODIGAL: Season 2, Episode 15

Somerhalder’s not the only vampire to have been a central figure in the Smallville universe. Back in Season 2, The Vampire Diaries‘ Paul Wesley played Lucas Luthor, Lionel’s illegitimate son. While both Lex and Lionel each tried to use Lucas as a pawn in their ongoing family feud, in this episode at least, they both conveniently forgot about Lucas in later seasons. And once the show introduced even more illegitimate Luthor kids — season 7′s Julian and season 8′s Tess — it seemed that the writers forgot about Lucas as well.

CRUSH: Season 1, Episode 19

It’s interesting to look back at Smallville’s inaugural season and see how many meteor freaks ended up starring on other hit shows. Before playing The O.C.‘s pop culture-referencing fanboy Seth Cohen, he was Justin Gaines, a freak of the week with a Chloe obsession. (What, was Lana absent from school that day?) Since Seth was a huge comic book nerd on The O.C., I wonder if he watched Smallville?

EXTINCTION: Season 3, Episode 3

Another popular villain to make multiple appearances on Smallville is Jesse Metcalf’s Van McNulty. In a twist on the meteor freak formula, McNulty was introduced in Season Three as a meteor freak hunter rather than a kryptonite-imbued teenager with a Lana obsession. He came back six episodes later to team up with other FOTW HOFers Eric Summers (X-Men‘s Shawn Ashmore) and Ian Randall (Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Yes, JTT himself!). Metcalf parlayed his Smallville guest spots into a recurring role on ABC’s Desperate Housewives and will be playing a lead role as J.R. Ewing’s son Christopher in TNT’s Dallas reboot this fall.

THIRST: Season 5, Episode 5

Before he was a Journey-singing quarterback at McKinley High on Glee, the future Finn Hudson was spotted at Metropolis University in a blink-and-you-miss-him cameo in Smallville‘s Season Five homage to vampires (of the Buffy variety and not the sparkly kind). Credited simply as Frat Cowboy, I couldn’t tell you what Monteith did on the episode or if he even interacted with any of the main cast. To be honest, this whole post was an excuse to run that ridiculous photo. Frat Cowboy, indeed.


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