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Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) tangle with the God of Time (Jason Dohring), who sends Dean back to 1944, where he is immediately arrested by none other than the one and only Eliot Ness (Nicholas Lea). While trying to figure out how to retrieve his brother, Sam is surprised by the reappearance of an old friend (Kim Rhodes).

Original Air Date: 13 January 2012 – Directed by Philip Sgriccia and Written by Robbie Thompson.

The moment has arrived for one of those uncanny time travel episodes. Supernatural gets back into its stride this week as the boys come to blows against Greek god Chronos in Time After Time.


The episode starts off with Sam and Dean chasing down a man in a fedora who sucks the life out of his victims. When Dean manages to grab the guy, they both disappear in a red flash of light, leaving Sam with only guesses as to what just happened.

A Case of the Mummies

Two days earlier, Sam and Dean are alerted to a case from Sheriff Jodie Mills who’s started keeping an eye out for activities of the supernatural variety. Bodies of young and healthy adults are turning up mysteriously mummified, aged beyond recognition. Picking up the case, the boys head to Canton, Ohio but not before Sam takes the opportunity to tell his big brother that he’s going to torture himself staying up at night obsessing over Dick.


Trying to tie leads together, the Winchesters talk to the only eyewitness to the most recent incident (who local law enforcement have branded as “unreliable”). After a rather passionate account from the witness chock full of details about a guy in a fedora choking the life out of his neighbor, more clues manifest. The victim aged right before his eyes followed by a strange red energy passing from victim to assailant and even his watch stopped as it happened.

This isn’t the first time that fedora guy has been spotted. Canton is rife with similar incidents of shriveled bodies throughout history and the boys come across an actual newspaper article containing a photo of the mystery man. Using local camera feeds (a trick Dean picked up from Frank), fedora guy is discovered stalking around a gas station where Sam and Dean realize that this same man hasn’t aged a day in over 55 years when compared to the photo from 1957. After talking with a witness from the actual 1957 crime scene, the boys get fedora guy’s address, stake out his house, and move on him when they see him leaving the house.

Dean manages to catch up with him in an alley right as he’s claiming another victim and we’re back to where the episode begins…

After tackling the man and being enveloped by the red light, Dean struggles with the mystery guy and catches a glimpse of the ring he’s wearing which has the inscription of the infinite hourglass — the mark of Chronos. Fedora guy gets away and Dean is immediately spotted by local authorities (wearing retro police uniforms) and gets arrested.


After being grilled by his arresting officer, a new case detective takes over the interview. Dean tells his story (the actual truth) to the detective and quickly realizes he isn’t being written off as some sort of kook by this new officer. Learning that the detective happens to be 1944′s version of a hunter, Dean is floored when he shakes hands with Eliot Ness.

Eliot takes Dean to meet his tailor, Ezra Moore (Linda Darlow) who is the era’s very own version of Bobby Singer all the way down to the sharp tongue. Ezra gives Eliot and Dean the scoop on Chronos, the God of Time while she decks out Dean in a new getup suitable for the era. Using Dean’s recollection of Chronos’ address from the future, the men raid his house learning that the God of Time has stayed wealthy by betting on sporting events that he knows the outcome to (Back To The Future style). They’re able to confirm this after (hilariously) working over the bookie that’s been handling Ethan Snyder’s (Chronos) gambling bets and get the location of Snyder’s favorite hang out.


Staking out Snyder from outside the diner, Dean and Eliot talk and we learn how Ness became a hunter and his motivation for staying in the profession. Spotting a young woman leaving the diner who is followed moments later by Snyder, the hunters suspect her as the next sacrifice Chronos has picked out. Making the move on Snyder, Eliot and Dean realize that the young woman is actually Snyder’s girlfriend and hang back long enough to figure out who she is and where she lives. Instructing Dean to swing back to Ezra’s for any new info she may have gathered on Chronos, Eliot elects to case the house of Chronos’ girlfriend Lila (Melissa Roxburgh), but gets ambushed by Chronos the moment he’s alone.

Back at Ezra’s shop, Dean receives the weapon that is guaranteed to kill the God of Time from Ezra along with a special “good luck” present from the wise hunter. Glancing over a stack of Ezra’s mail, Dean figures out a way he can get a hold of Sam in 2012.

Writing a letter to his kid brother, Dean leaves it in the house where he and Sam were squatting before he was zapped to 1944…

Back to the Future

Back in 2012, Sam is trying his best to connect the dots looking for some clue to where Dean has disappeared to. After another phone call from Jodie, Sam and the sheriff start working together on the case and Jodie uses her pull to break into one of Bobby’s storage units. They learn everything Dean, Eliot and Ezra has learned about Chronos, the God of Time along with Chronos’ motive behind the victims (sacrifices) he’s draining dry. Unfortunately, nothing they have solves the big mystery — where Chronos and Dean are actually at. The only way to figure out the next move is to learn how to summon a god.


Jodie finds lore indicating that Chronos can be summoned for a reading of the future which is good news until Sam delivers his bombshell. Sam has the spell to summon Chronos, but the deity has to be called when Dean is within range (hands on) to get them both together in the current time period. Stuck between a serious rock and a hard place, Jodie sends an exhausted Sam to bed to rest up and Sam makes the discovery of a lifetime as he’s about to close his eyes — Dean’s letter from the past.

Knowing where and when Dean is, Sam and Jodie still need an exact time from where to get Chronos and Dean together to make the spell work. With Dean’s letter mentioning Lila Taylor, the duo locates Chronos’ ex-girlfriend in a local retirement home and learns that in the 40′s, Ethan choked the life out of Dean right in front of her and Eliot Ness leaving every clock in the house stopped at exactly 11:34.


The Future is covered in Thick Black Ooze

Searching for Ness back at Lila’s place, Dean gets jumped by Ethan but the fight is interrupted when Ness shows up out of hiding having taken Lila hostage. Cornered, Ethan reveals that he is a god who has been killing to travel back and forth through time because of Lila who he is truly in love with. At the exact moment that Lila told Sam and Jodie about, Dean tries to come at him with the stake but Ethan intercepts him and starts to strangle him.

In 2012, Sam and Jodie incant the summoning ritual and  pull both Dean and Chronos through time back to the present. Before the two are yanked back to the future Ness makes sure Dean has the stake, calling the young hunter untouchable. Infuriated by being pulled back into the present, Chronos lashes out at Sam and readies to finish what he started in 1944 with Dean but is distracted long enough allowing Sam to deliver the fatal stab to the heart.

Dying, Chronos gives the hunters a reading on their future which is a direct foretelling of events to come for the rest of the show’s seventh season. “It’s covered in thick black ooze. It’s everywhere. They’re everywhere. Enjoy oblivion.”


While the episode ends very abruptly (no end scene where the boys sit on the car and talk about their feelings this week), we’re left with a very good episode of Supernatural that actually returns the show to its more classical formula of action, humor and solid storytelling.

Season 7 so far is turning out to be the “season of Dean” and this episode is no exception. Dean is once more brooding about Leviathans and drowning in the sorrows of his personal losses. Our boy gets some more advice on how to deal with the terrible pitfalls of his life as of late this time from the great Eliot Ness. His advice to Dean about dealing with life and loss comes on the heels of last week’s speech from Frank which basically reminds Dean that no one lives and sooner or later he’ll be dead, too.

Jodie Mills has come a long way since her introduction in Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid. It’s great seeing her character start to fit in better and better with the boys (and the hunter culture) and seeing her as she tries to unravel Bobby’s life puts a new spin to the take no attitude sheriff she was once introduced as. Watching how she interacts with the boys on this case we quickly get the impression that Jodie is going to become a bigger fixture in the series for a while to come.

If there’s one thing Supernatural time travel episodes do, its showing off how much of a dork Dean Winchester can really be. Whether he’s touting references to Untouchables or just relishing in the moment (“Is that a German name?”), seeing Dean geeking out and making a complete 180 from troubled Dean is always a sight to see.


Seeing the brothers also back in more of a light hearted spirit also let’s us know that they are trying to move past losing Bobby. From the classic Winchester rock-paper-scissors match (which always ends with Sam winning) to Sam’s teasing the Dean is “strictly into Dick,” we have ourselves a classic episode of Supernatural.

Supernatural goes on break for two weeks (reruns) before returning February 3rd with The Slice Girls. See you in a few weeks.

By Kayode Kendall on January 11, 2012 at 2:09 pm

Rap trio Gods’Illa take to the streets of DC to get their “Do The Right Thing” on with their latest video for their track, “Sal’s Pizzzeria”.


Still reeling after what happened to Bobby, Dean (Jensen Ackles) becomes dangerously obsessed over finding a way to take down Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart). Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki) decides to help a teenage girl (Madison McLaughlin) look for her father (Ian Tracey), a hunter who has gone missing. Sam traces his last steps to a truck stop where the help (Meghan Ory) turns out not to be so friendly.

Welcome back, Supernatural! It’s been a long 5 weeks since we saw the turn of events from last December’s Death’s Door. Let’s go ahead and come out with it: Bobby is dead. Death’s Door showed the stark reality that awesome characters die — and there have been tons of awesome characters (Ellen, Jo, Rufus, Castiel, Pamela) throughout the seven seasons of Supernatural.


Three weeks have passed since Bobby used the last of his time to write out 5 numbers (45489) on Sam’s hand before passing away and the boys are coping with the loss while trying to plan their next move on the Leviathan menace. While Sam and Dean are going to miss Bobby, ultimately, the fans themselves will miss him more. Adventures In Babysitting focuses on the Winchesters and how they deal with Bobby out of their lives.

A Hunter Gets Snatched

At the beginning of the episode Lee Chambers is sitting in a diner stalking something supernatural that carries the guise of a working girl named Sally (Once Upon A Time star Meghan Ory) who is setting up trysts with truckers coming in and out of the diner. His server refills his coffee and tries to make small talk when Lee sees his target moving on with a truck driver in tow. As he follows the pair between some parked 18-wheelers, he is surprised to find that his server has followed him outside the diner…


The server alerts him that she’s slipped him something in his coffee — her own venom. Feeling the effects of the toxin, Lee is easily overcome as he realizes that what he’s hunting is not simply one creature but a pair.

Sam and Dean are coping with their Loss

Back at Rufus’ safe house, the boys have started working on the singular clue Bobby left them. They’re both dealing with Bobby’s death in their own way with Sam turning it all inward and keeping it bottled up (like he has countless times before) while Dean goes to his typical ‘turn angst into revenge’ mode. Sam breaks the ice first by wondering if they should start contacting Bobby’s people and Dean immediately objects to the idea passing it off to Sam who is just as reluctant.

Having taken all of the information they have and turned it over to conspiracy kook Frank Devereaux, Dean is feeling the strain from not hearing from Frank yet. As the boys are talking it over, Bobby’s cellphone rings and Sam takes the call, speaking to Lee’s daughter Krissy who was left with specific instructions to contact Bobby Singer if he doesn’t return. Sam senses trouble and wants to check it out but Dean wants to find out what the hell happened to Frank. As they discuss splitting up, Dean’s freshly opened beer is suddenly sucked dry mysteriously (while in his hand) but they dismiss it pretty quickly.


Sam meets up with Krissy and after checking things out, he leaves her with Dean’s number to call in case she doesn’t hear from him (ominous instructions for the teenager at this point). Sam figures out that Lee was after a vetala, which happens to be similar to vampires. And that trail leads him to the same rest stop diner where Lee was taken. He makes a call to Dean (who is passed out from exhaustion) and leaves him a message about his discovery before making his move.

After having a conversation with Marlene (the waitress that handled Lee), Sam is led to Sally who lures him directly into an ambush where this time Sally is revealed to be a vetala. Sam is bitten and overcome leaving the two creatures another hunter to feed on.

Dean meets up with Frank

Dean shows up at Frank’s place which is completely ransacked and abandoned. Taking that as a bad sign, Dean doesn’t get long to investigate before Frank has gotten the drop on him (twice in as many episodes). Having been exposed to the information on Leviathans, Frank is overly suspicious that Dean may be a Leviathan and is ready to start shooting. After providing a simple blood screening (Leviathans bleed black goo) and then making Frank prove the same, they start talking and Frank takes Dean to where he’s relocated — an RV equipped with every piece of electronic equipment he owns. Frank gives Dean both the good and bad news about those numbers from Bobby.


Bobby had been short one number as he was dying but Frank managed to figure out the missing number which made up the coordinates (45″4′ 89″3′) to a patch of land in Wisconsin of special interest to Dick Roman. Dean and Frank, dressed up as telephone technicians, go out to investigate the plot of land and discovers that the whole area is under surveillance. After tapping into the rigged equipment, Frank makes the discovery that there’s something up with the site that has Dick very interested but there’s no clue to what it all amounts to yet.

Frank gives Dean some advice about the Bobby situation: fake your way through the rough stuff. Sharing with Dean the moment that changed his own life (seeing his wife and children heinously murdered), Frank tells him that he has to exercise professionalism if he wants to make it. As Dean listens, he get’s Sam’s voicemail about the vetalas and realizes that Sam has made a terrible mistake.

Dean gets to babysit Krissy

Already set to panic, Dean gets a phone call from Krissy telling him that Sam is missing. Dean gets a shot of reality when he meets up with Krissy as he realizes that the girl has a lot in common with both him and Sam. She’s plugged into the life and is just as cynical (if not more) as Dean. After Krissy proves that she can handle herself, Dean has no choice but to bring her along to find Lee and Sam tricking her long enough to handcuff her to the steering wheel so she can’t get hurt with what happens next.


Dean manages to get the drop on the vetalas before they can drain Lee dry but Krissy shows up and nearly blows everything when she is taken hostage by Sally. The interruption turns out to be well choreographed as Krissy winds up being the one to save them all by taking out Sally and distracting Marlene long enough for Sam to make the kill.

Family Matters

Leaving Krissy and Lee safely behind in the hospital, Sam and Dean hit the road. In the final scene of the new episode, the brothers talk about the situation they face. Sam admits that he’s not alright with what’s happened to Bobby and Dean is right there with him. Agreeing that they should get to work and figure out how to kick Dick Roman’s ass, the tone changes as Sam tries to sleep and Dean drives. As the scene closes out, you can see in Dean’s eyes that he is starting to accept the reality that the closest thing they had to remaining family is dead.


Adventures In Babysitting didn’t see the return of the normal action packed show that is Supernatural, but it brought back enough heart to the story to set us up for the future of where the rest of the season can only go. It would have been a terrible slap to the face if the show went immediately back to its standard humor/action formula in the wake of losing another major character. How people deal with life is just as important as how they deal with death, and we get to see the Winchesters dealing with something almost as profound as when they lost John.

The highlights of Adventures In Babysitting are Dean’s interactions with both Frank and Krissy. Frank helps to keep Dean grounded while Krissy gives Dean a vivid look back at where he came from. Seeing the boys in another emotional tailspin is a theme that we’ve seen throughout the show since season 1 and the hits keep on coming for Sam and Dean.

Dean’s suffering from exhaustion is also a key factor for the episode. As evidenced by his beer being drank dry without him realizing it, his confusion that it’s only been days since they contacted Frank about the Leviathans and his sleeping an entire 36 hours in the RV, Dean continues to struggle more and more as the series goes on.

Seeing Lee and Krissy’s future also helped out the Winchesters’ state of mind as well.

Next week, we’ll see Dean taken back to 1944 where he’ll hunt side-by-side with Elliot Ness (yes, that Elliot Ness). See you next week.

Earlier this morning, I tweeted about wanting to bring back the Afterschool Special. Of all the things we’ve been revisiting from the 80′s, I feel like we need that shit now more than ever. Especially if the below video is any indication.

Chicago rock group Secret Colours is kicking off 2012 with their video for “Faust”, in support of their latest release, EP3, which is now available on bandcamp.

Pages calls upon Randy Valdes and his GlassWorks MultiMedia team to create a stunning and innovative visual for the single, “Mainstream Nightmare.” The music video was partially shot underwater and compliments the dramatic nature of the song with an ominous, gloomy look. Director Randy Valdes describes it as a “result of 300 meeting Biutiful in a Hip-Hop world.” Produced by long-time veteran Nick Fury of Liquid Shield (credits include Slick Rick, Ras Kass, Skam2? and more), the song also features Liquid Shield’s very-own songstress, Juliet. In “Mainstream Nightmare,” Pages aggressively expresses his thoughts towards those not upholding the essence of Hip-Hop culture, balanced by the sultry voice of Juliet, creating a smooth dynamic and perfect blend of edginess and harmony.

By Kayode Kendall on December 21, 2011 at 10:21 am

South African artist Spoek Mathambo goes all out for his video for “Control”, a cover of Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control”. The images combined with the music make for quite to powerful effect.


Having last aired in syndication in the States 5 years ago, Dragon Ball GT will be returning to air January 16, 2012 on NickToons.

With the Dragon Ball Kai series already ended in Japan and coming to an end in the USA in early January of 2012, the next step is obviously to re-visit Dragon Ball GT. Consisting of 64 episodes, GT is not based on the original Dragon Ball manga from Akira Toriyama and first aired in the States on Cartoon Network in 2003.

Dragon Ball is pushing 30 and is among one of the most fan-loved anime series worldwide (though Dragon Ball GT is hated by fans because Toriyama admitted this series was not canon). NickToons will begin airing Dragon Ball GT beginning Monday, January 16, 2012 at 7 PM ET.


Since departing NBC’s Law & Order: SVU, fans everywhere have been wondering what’s next for Christopher Meloni (who played main character Elliot Stabler for 12 seasons).

Wonder no more. Meloni will be making a jump to another TV show that’s just as controversial (if not as riveting) as he officially joins the cast of HBO’s popular supernatural show, True Blood.

Series creator Alan Ball mentioned to TVLine that the former Law & Order: SVU front man will play, “An ancient, powerful vampire who holds the fate of Bill and Eric in his hands.” [<-- spoiler for Season 5]

As more True Blood news pops up, be sure to stick with us for more details (and more spoilers).

From The Simpsons creator, Matt Groening, blast off on one out of this world adventure as Volume 6 of Futurama heads to Blu-ray and DVD.

The future will never be the same when the time traveling pizza boy and his friends wreak havoc on the world as they know it. Loaded with tons of fan favorite special features from the creators, Futurama Volume 6 comes to Blu-ray and DVD December 20th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Featuring the misadventures of Phillip Fry, a 25-year-old pizza delivery boy whose life is going nowhere and fellow friends, Futurama takes off when Fry accidentally freezes himself on December 31, 1999, and then wakes up 1,000 years in the future. His turn of fate gives Fry a chance to make a fresh start.

Futurama Volume 6 once again features the original voice cast including Golden Globe® winner Katey Sagal (Sons of Anarchy) as Leela, Billy West as Fry and John DiMaggio as Bender.

Special Features (Blu-ray and DVD):

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Audio Commentary
  • Professor Farnsworth’s “Science of a Scene”
  • Reincarnation Explained! With Director Peter Avanzino
  • Futurama F.A.Q. (Frequently Axed Questions)
  • Christopher’s Big Score: The Music of Futurama
  • Futurama Fans: 101 Questions

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