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Shola and Jon may hate everything about comics, videogames and movies — but they love to talk about it! Check out the show and leave us some feedback in the comments or by emailing us at pcs@popcultureshock. And call in at 818-794-9574!

It’s an abbreviated (and late!) show while Shola gets set up in his new place. However, special guest Arturo Garcia (hour42.com) discusses the woes of race in comics, Shola and Jon chat up more LOST theories as we lament the history of PopCultureShock, and what might’ve been. Kayode’s Kountdown introduces hip-hop fans to Educated Consumers.

PopCultureShock Radio Show, Episode 3!

Intro: LOST babbling. Is Jacob really Hurley? What’s all the talk of Lists and Candidates?

Special Guest Arturo Garcia chops it up about race in comics while discussing the DC Entertainment diversifying possibilities under the new reign of Didio, Johns, and Jim Lee.

KK’s Kountdown adds DC hip-hop sensation Educated Consumer to your list of most interesting things throughout your week.

In between the geekery, we riff on race, relationships and more; plus our PCS colleagues Kayode and Ernie stop by and shoot the shit and we respond to some listener call-ins.

PopCultureShock Radio Show, Episode 2!

  • Intro: bad relationship advice part 2 (aka How Jon Almost Ruined Shola’s Relationship)
  • Afrika Bambaataa vs. Freedom Express – Zulu Nation Throwdown vs. Get Down
  • Shola’s out-of-control nephew, geek cred vs mass appeal
  • Izzo (H.O.V.A.) vs. I Want You Back
  • The Ken Krk Countdown: Snowlestation 2010, Groove Theory reuniting, John Mayer’s white supermacist d*ck, Christopher Nolan on Superman, Hughes Brothers on Akira
  • Push It to the Limit
  • Listener call-ins: PS3 or Xbox360? Should guys hide their geek interests from girls they meet? Why does Kayode only pick light-skinned women for his Future Ex Wives? Why is Shola so racist?
  • Split Reel Radio with Ernie Estrella: Chai Lai’s Angels, Ong Bak 1 & 2
  • Major Lazer – Pon De Floor
  • The Wrap Up: Woman dies using jackhammer as dildo; Shola professes his love for Anna Torv, Juliet from Lost, and animation director Lauren Montgomery; BET’s Black Panther; Milestone Forever
  • We Are the World 2010

Leave us some feedback in the comments or by emailing us at pcs@popcultureshock. And call in at 818-794-9574!

PCS Radio Show, Episode 01: Lost, iPad, bad relationship advice

Posted by: Jon Haehnle on February 8, 2010 at 12:00 pm

It’s the all-new, all-different PCS Radio Show! Shola and Jon shoot the shit about everything from Lost to eviction notices to bad dating advice; Kayode and Comic Book Club’s Alex Zalben pop in with some comic book, movie & music geekery; in between all this we play some hot tracks from DJ Hero, and then wrap it up with some listener call-ins. Let us know what you think!

PopCultureShock Radio Show, Episode 1!

  • Intro: Lost, Season 5 premiere talk — we hate Jack, love Ben, Locke & Chuck D
  • Fix Up, Look Sharp x Organ Donor
  • Lost theories, and why Shola’s landord wants to evict him
  • Bring the Noise 2000 x Genesis
  • The Ken K Countdown: The Losers, Miramax, Avatar, Sade, iPad
  • Maino – 2010 Predictions
  • Alex Zalben interview: Thor & Power Pack; Alex’s Top 5 toilet reads
  • Strange Enough x Theme from Shaft
  • Shola wants to know how he can hang out with female friends without his girl getting jealous; Jon gives bad advice
  • Outro: Listener call-ins — Dante’s Inferno; Valentine cosplay suggestions

Leave us some feedback in the comments or by emailing us at pcs@popcultureshock. And call in at 818-794-9574!