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@PaleyCenter’s LOST Panel Wrap-Up

Posted by: Matt Bergin on February 28, 2010 at 6:18 pm

The Paley Center For Media hosted a Lost panel, featuring series masterminds Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff, along with several cast members (including Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson) and production staff. PopCultureShock couldn’t attend the February 27th event, but, thanks to these fine Internets, we were able to follow the @paleycenter livestream of the event.

Vague, mysterious, confusing spoilers ahead.

You have been warned.

  • Damon says the show’s “Daddy issues” were inspired by “Star Wars”.
  • The mystery of whether Desmond was actually on Flight 815 will be answered soon.
  • Mr. Eko was supposed to have a longer, more prominent story in the show but the actor wasn’t interested in continuing on.
  • There will be no chronological DVD release of the show.
  • In the other universe Jack is married to someone we’ve met before.
  • “It’s a thing we might do on a street corner or in a church basement”-Michael Emerson on he and Terry O’Quinn playing hit men in a show.
  • “For me it was finding out who the hell I am! I’ve never known what I was doing”-Nestor Carbonell on his favorite moment thus far.
  • ¬†Greg Nations is the go to guy for “LOST” mythology because he keeps the show’s Bible and answers questions for the writers re: backstory.
  • “I don’t think any of us are smart enough to answer that!”-Edward Kitsis on a fan’s question re: time travel and string theory.
  • Carlton Cuse said that if Malcolm David Kelley hadn’t grown up, “Walt” would absolutely still be seen on the show, and they are trying to find a way to get the “Walt” character back into the show in this final season. (Only a few episodes left to shoot, so…)
  • Is Locke good or bad? The producers just asked this to the audience, 10% think good, 90% think bad or are indifferent about it.
  • “Every single episode of ‘LOST’ is broken in a room with all of us”-Damon Lindelof
  • “Put people in a dark room, spin them around for a minute, punch them in the face and say ‘You’ve just had the lost experience’”-Damon L.
  • There is a lot of talk tonight about why there aren’t monkeys or apes on the island.
  • “No”-Terry O’Quinn on whether or not they’ve ever been able to pitch stories.
  • They refer to the show we see as the “Iceberg”
  • Water is the final word on this season.¬†
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