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The PCS crew on Silent Möbius, Butterflies, Flowers, and more!

The supernatural and technological collide in Kia Asamiya’s breakthrough manga series.

Ninja Baseball Kyuma is not a grand slam.

Ghosts, evil books, suicide, Egyptian flashbacks, a little romance… what doesn’t this book have?

A very, very pretty retelling of “The Little Mermaid” with the King of Mermen and the Princess of France.

If I were a seven-year-old girl, this would be one of my favorites.

Toronto, ON – December 17, 2008 – Manga’s popularity in North America has exploded in recent years, with diverse titles covering almost every genre imaginable. But for kids 12 and under, there are still almost no age appropriate manga series available on bookstore shelves other than occasional spin off or promotional tie-ins from Anime shows [...]

San Francisco, CA (November XX, 2008) —Canada-based publisher UDON Entertainment partners with online media distribution giant, Crunchyroll, to release manga and comics based on highly recognizable Capcom video game properties through the extremely popular weekly digital manga and mega comic digest UDON COMBO! Initial game-based offerings included in 100+page digest will be UDON’s full [...]

Toronto, ON – Dec 2, 2008 – Having appeared in dozens of video games, and landing her own live action feature film next year, Chun-Li is undeniably among the most recognizable and popular girls of gaming. Beginning in January 2009 UDON will explore the roots of this high-kicking martial artist in Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li, [...]

More video-game inspired pow! and splat! is headed your way…
Toronto, ON – Nov 7, 2008 – Coming from UDON in February 2009, a new cast of World Warriors takes center stage in the Street Fighter® IV comic series. Based on quite possibly the most anticipated fighting game ever, the 4-issue Street Fighter IV mini-series puts [...]

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