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A collection of 4-koma strips about a cat who runs a ramen shop! What more do you need to know?

The PCS crew on the final volume of Hellsing and more!

World of Warcraft as manga? What?

It’s a rare case of a superhero manga making its way to the US!

The second volume in the Gosick series offers a glimpse into the family history of its lead, Victorique.

A coalition of Japanese and U.S. publishers are coordinating efforts to combat a rampant and growing problem of internet piracy plaguing the manga industry.

Featuring Deadman Wonderland and more!

Kite meets Haseo and hilarity ensues in this collection of .hack comedy manga strips!

A tale of two women named Midori and the secret that connects them.

Featuring Future Diary, Yakitate!! Japan and more!

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