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Two fan-favorite manga series will be revived in 2011 with omnibus editions and new translations!

The Afro-Samurai manga offers copious amounts of bloodshed, cool soundbites, and dark but stylish art.

Our new weekly edition of Manga Minis kicks off with reviews of The Antique Gift Shop, Classical Medley, Her Majesty’s Dog, and Hollow Fields.

Two college dudes tough it out with a harem of yaoi-crazed fangirls. Hilarity (and nudity) ensues.

For readers who appreciates quiet, slice-of-life stories, Voiceful might prove a welcome change of pace from wacky hijinks and magical girl adventures.

Kate lists the manga didn’t quite make her Top Five of 2007 list, including Emma, Narration of Love at 17, Robot, Suppli and the now-cancelled Satsuma Gishiden.

Mini-reviews of Aqua, The Art of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and I, Otaku, plus this week’s shipping list.

Forgetting your homework was never this dangerous… or this much fun.

Erin F. reviews Boogiepop and Others, Don’t Worry Mama, The Man Who Doesn’t Take Off His Clothes and Twelve Kingdoms.