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A run-down of 2008-09 licensing news from Tokyopop.

Coverage of the Viz, Del Rey, CMX, and Yen Press panels at NYCC 2008; plus licensing news from Dark Horse (they’ve got CLAMP) and DMP (they’ve got Tezuka).

Day One coverage focuses on Fanfare, Vertical, and Japan’s underground manga scene.

Going to NYCC 2008? Then check out our handy schedule of events and panels of interest to otaku.

The futureÂ’s so bright, Paul Levitz is wearing shades: “Our audience isn’t skewing older anymore. That was a problem when comic shops were the entirety of our business. For about 20 years we had a relatively closed club. We were willing to have people drawing, but the initiation rights were pretty tough. You had to find a comic shop. You had to be willing to go there every week. This had to be important to you. …for about 20 years we only had $1,000-a-year customers. That’s nuts. I mean, that’s wonderful and lovely and I know them all – they’re great people. But it’s real hard to make a new one. What is very clear with graphic novels is that we’re acquiring a group of $300-a-year customers. Which is a much more plausible, much more replicable kind of customer. Both in the comic shop, and in the book store the behavior is very, very similar.”

The way that Go! Comi introduced details about the title was through a series of PowerPoint slides. It’s an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story Masque of the Red Death. I read that in high school, I found it interesting enough. Next slide: It’s got yaoi. I read a lot of yaoi anyway, so… Next slide: It’s set in the future. My interest level dropped. I haven’t finished watching the Gankutsuou anime yet – but is it really necessary to set old stories in the future? As they announced more details about the title (robot mechanics!) I made the chart below. And then I made Ed and fellow Ninja Consultant Noah draw their own charts…

Erin’s coverage of the ICv2 panels, “ICv2 White Paper—Graphic Novels: Growth and Change,”
“Non-Fiction—The Real World of Graphic Storytelling,” “Manga Ratings, Redactions, and Freedom of Speech,” and “Buyers Panel—Graphic Novels, the Next Three Years”

Here’s a no frills, no commentary, just-the-titles ma’am run-down of new manga titles announced at New York Comic-Con 2007, as well as links to more information. Some of these titles were public knowledge before NYCC; others (such as Wendy Pini’s Masque of the Red Death) were unveiled for the first time this weekend. I’ve listed [...]

My final dispatch from NYCC focuses on CMX, Tokyopop, and Vertical Inc. No big surprises, but there’s some good news for fans of Buddha, Ode to Kirihito, and To Terra. Read on for the scoop!
CMX Gon Wild
Shame on you, DC! The CMX panel appeared on the main schedule, but was not cross-listed in the curiously-titled [...]

Today’s front-line report comes from the Go! Comi trenches, where The Little Manga Publisher That Could announced plans to take over the world. And publish some new books. Creative Director Audry Taylor unveiled four new licenses:

Hikkatsu, a sci-fi series that pits a teenage boy against monstrous household appliances in–where else?–a post-apocalyptic world overrun by killer [...]

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