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My question to you is this: What manga or American graphic novels do you recommend for Archie readers?

Planning to go to MangaNext this weekend? If so, be sure to attend Erin “Ninja Consultant” Finnegan’s panels on cooking manga and “crazy manga genres.” (Her title, not mine.) Erin has sat on panels at big cons (NY Anime Fest), small cons, and even given a talk at MoCCA (that’s the Museum of Comic and [...]

PCS reviewer Erin Finnegan is one half of the Ninja Consultants, a podcasting pair that talks about anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture. They recently sat down with Vertical’s Ioannis Mentzas to talk about The Guin Saga, one of Japan’s most enduring fantasy franchises. Rumor has it that they also talked about D&D, too…
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How will you be reading Naruto in 2010? Erin attends the ICv2 Technology panel to get the answers.

Girl power! Erin checks out the ICv2 panel on marketing anime, manga, and tie-in merchandise to girls.

Marketing to otaku in Japan… and the US.

What lessons can manga publishers learn from the recent anime boom-and-bust cycle? ICv2 sponsors a panel to explore the question.

How do Jason Thompson’s reviews stack up with Erin F.’s? Read our review for a side-by-side comparison.