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The PCS crew presents the second annual Midterm Report Card!

NANA will be exclusive to iTunes until August 31, 2009.

Also featuring Captive Hearts and Wild Ones.

The PCS crew ponders the question: will Hollywood start looking to manga for new ideas?

The PCS crew takes a look at REAL, NANA, Yggdrasil and more!

Melinda Beasi of there it is, plain as daylight has written a thoughtful essay entitled “Why You Should Read NANA.” She discusses the characters (major and supporting), the relationships, and how music (successfully) plays a big part in a silent medium. Also included are lots of lovely images, and she manages to do [...]

Meet PCS reviewer Michelle Smith, who is where she is today all because of a robot dog.

Isaac Hale proves once again he’s man enough to read shojo… and enjoy it.

Kate looks at the movie versions of two Shojo Beat favorites: Love*Com and NANA.

Mini-reviews of volume 7 of Godchild and NANA, and a full-length review of a new SB title, S.A.