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Rampaging space chickens, energy-blasting crotch-mounted weaponry, and more!

Anyone who has ever felt like an outsider can find reasons to cheer for these characters.

MONTREAL, CANADA – December 10, 2008 – Anime News Network, the world’s largest anime web publication, has today released its first full anime video program for legal online streaming: the hit science fiction anime Kite Liberator. The show is the first full-length anime to be distributed by Anime News Network’s new Video Player portal, which [...]

ADV and Geneon may be wobbling, but Media Blasters seems to be A-OK.

The Ninja Consultant files a better-late-than-never post from NY Anime Fest.

The Manga Recon team tackles After School Nightmare, Foxy Lady, The Gorgeous Life of Strawberry-Chan and Kaze Hikaru.

Erin discovers that she’s a big fan of fangirls.

Here are a few more great anime and manga that didn’t make the initial cut for our “best of/worst of 2007″ list.