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Viz recently released Naruto, The Boy Ninja, a chapter book treatment of its wildly popular franchise. Lori Henderson just posted her thoughts on Boy Ninja at Good Comics for Kids, praising the author for her skillful adaptation of the manga:
adaptation of the first few chapters from manga to prose came out very well. The writer, [...]

Over at Good Comics for Kids, reviewer Lori Henderson recently posted her two cents on COWA! (Viz), an all-ages title from Dragonball creator Akira Toriyama. And while many folks reviewed this title when it was released in July (including our own Erin Finnegan), Lori’s review carries special weight, as she’s writing from the perspective of [...]

Over at Good Comics for Kids, No Flying No Tights creator Robin Brenner analyzes the circulation stats for graphic novels in her library system in the metro Boston area. Not surprisingly, manga makes a good showing. Though some best-sellers (Vampire Knight, anyone?) make the cut, you may be surprised to discover which manga was checked [...]

Over at the School Library Journal’s Good Comics for Kids website, I posted a review of SUIHELIBE!, an all-ages title that CMX will publish on November 5th. N.B. Our own Sam Kusek reviewed an advanced copy this summer; click here for his review.

OK, this is a bit of shameless self-promotion, as I contribute reviews to Good Comics for Kids. But this announcement is really testament to Brigid Alverson’s consummate skill as a writer, editor, den mother, and comics expert. Thanks to her hard work, her all-ages blog is moving to the School Library Journal website, where it [...]