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This latest release from Fumi Yoshinaga made Michelle all sniffly.

The PCS crew on Ooku, Detroit Metal City, and more!

The PCS crew on the best and the disappointing from 2009!

Women rule feudal Japan. Is that “change you can believe in”?

Antique is one smoking hot dessert, but Snakes and Earrings will turn your stomach.

Not only are the Ryans of SAME HAT! SAME HAT! cool enough to translate cult manga and document the sartorial foibles of Kazuo Umezu, they’re also man enough to like The Antique Bakery… and admit it in a public forum. Hats off to ‘em for unearthing the trailer for a Korean adaptation of The Antique [...]

Erin and Kate take a comprehensive look at Fumi Yoshinaga’s work, from The Antique Bakery to Solfege.

Erin, Ken, and Kate look at the best manga of 2007, from Flower of Life to Parasyte.

Erin, Ken, and Kate offer quick takes on Flock of Angels, Gon, The Moon and Sandals, Picnic, Sakura Ganbaru and xxxHolic.

Mini-reviews of Heroes Are Extinct!!, Pine Kiss and Truly, Kindly, plus this week’s shipping list.

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