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Featuring Aria, Tsubasa: Those with Wings, and more!

Adolescence continues to be a battlefield of sexual temptation.

1/3 seinen and 2/3 shonen for your manly reading pleasure.

Quick takes on Jade of Bango, Magic Lover’s Tower and volume two of Very! Very! Sweet.

A fresh twist on the superhero-with-a-secret-identity trope.

Reviews of Alley of First Love, Kasumi, Kikaider Code 02, King of Fighters, Naruto, Tears of a Lamb, xxxHolic.

This premature priest needs to go to confession.

Chloe and Kate tackle the latest volumes of Metro Survive and Nightmare Inspector, as well as new arrivals Red Angel, Two Flowers for the Dragon and Ultimate Venus.

Consign this Junk to the scrap heap.

New reviewer Phil Guie sees some parallels between Junk and classic American superhero comics.

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