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Reviews of Bogle, Claymore, Crayon Shinchan, Shinobi Life and more…

Mini reviews of Ghostbusters, i Luv Halloween, Sugar Sugar Rune and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Kate looks at three new series from Yen Press: Kaze no Hana, Kieli and Shoulder-A-Coffin, Kuro.

This week’s shipping list, plus a manga recommendation from Kate’s dog.

Quick-n-dirty reviews of Element Line, Gosick (the novel) and A Wise Man Sleeps, a new title from the creator of Her Majesty’s Dog.

Brief reviews of Gun Blaze West and Mamotte Shugogetten, plus this week’s shipping list.

The final volume of Tezuka’s Phoenix plus the first volume of Metro Survive, a manga with a 70’s disaster movie vibe.

This week’s shipping list, plus mini-reviews of In the Starlight, J-Pop Idol and Ai Morinaga’s gender-bending comedy Your and My Secret.

A shojo spectacular featuring reviews of A.I. Revolution, Be With You, Black Sun/Silver Moon, Minima and Monkey High.

Kate sings the praises of Blood+, Gon and Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs.

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