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A terrible disappointment, given all the overwhelming advantages the original material presents.

Rampaging space chickens, energy-blasting crotch-mounted weaponry, and more!

Antique is one smoking hot dessert, but Snakes and Earrings will turn your stomach.

Three reasons why we love the FMA anime… and you should, too!

Can a geisha otaku and an actual geisha find true love?

Sadly doesn’t hold up as a whole, despite a number of wonderful scenes (especially for L fans!).

Chances are good that your favorite character is in this movie and they do their bankai move…

Though not my favorites, if I was in charge of Viz Pictures these I would definitely import these two!

Kate looks at the movie versions of two Shojo Beat favorites: Love*Com and NANA.

VIZ Pictures brings two crowd-pleasers to the US: the award-winning Hula Girls and the hyper-stylish Ping Pong.

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