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A weak story supported by some gorgeous artwork.

160 pages of unadulterated awesome!

The second volume in the Gosick series offers a glimpse into the family history of its lead, Victorique.

A tale of two women named Midori and the secret that connects them.

A tale of vampire sisters that will keep you reading from dusk ’til dawn.

The first novel based upon the fantastic Blade of the Immortal manga makes its way to the US!

Vampires and the Wicked City come together in what Hideyuki Kikuchi considers his best work to date.

She’s a wolf god in human form, he’s a traveling merchant with big dreams… Together, they trade goods!

A prince in disguise, a whiny rich boy rescued… you’d think someone could actually make that interesting.

Nearly ten years after its US debut, the Haikasoru folks roll out this revised edition of Battle Royale!

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