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On a day that sees speculation about one manga publisher’s fate and massive layoffs at another, Carl Horn of Dark Horse posts a timely (and ultimately encouraging) essay celebrating that publisher’s long history of bringing manga to US fans and looking forward to some new releases on the horizon.
Dark Horse’s longest-running continuous series, Oh [...]

Details of a nifty contest with snazzy prizes!

Chris Butcher compiles the details on the new manga line from Fantagraphics.

Sean Gaffney eloquently sums up the work of the great Mitsuru Adachi.

Lori from Manga Xanadu has posted a primer on Manga Tweeting, including some tips on what to get from the experience and a list of manga reviewers, publishers, and websites that a manga fan might be interested in following. You can find that article here.

Inspired by Isaac’s post on Off*Beat, Melinda checked out the series herself and comes to much the same conclusion, saying:
The story is both fascinating and sweet, the characters likewise, and coming to the end of the second volume to face the reality that there may very well be no more is like a dagger to [...]

For those of you who are seriously engrossed with Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto, this may be of interest to you. Over at Manga Worth Reading, an image (created by French reviewer Xavier Guilbert) was posted comparing the old and new characters of the series. It’s really interesting to see how Urasawa humanized these robots, changing them [...]

The good folks over at Aurora Publishing have had a great sale going on recently, where older titles are going for $5 and newer releases can be had for $8. They’ve made it official by setting up websites for each of their imprints, listing which titles are available, which are sold out, et cetera. [...]

Earlier this year, the Manga Recon team participated in a roundtable discussion about manga adaptations, spurred by the upcoming big screen version of Dragonball.
Now, via PCS contributor Sam Kusek, we’re able to see what Dragonball’s original creator, Akira Toriyama, thinks about the whole thing. ANN reports on Toriyama’s optimistic reaction here.

Pink Tentacle, unofficial chronicler of all things cute, weird, or cool, has a fun photo essay that should appeal to trainspotters and manga maniacs alike. The piece features over one dozen pictures of Japanese trains decorated with beloved anime and manga characters, from Anpanman and Doreamon to Cyborg-009 and, naturally, Pikachu. It’s enough to make [...]

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