Sam Kusek

Sam Kusek is an avid manga collector and enthusiast. With an interest in Japanese art and culture, he began collecting series at a young age; to this day, his collection spans over 800 books. He hopes with his knowledge and background in comics to one day work for Viz Media. When not reading manga, Sam is a full-time Marketing Communications student at Emerson College in Boston. He currently interns at Berklee Media, Berklee College's online school, and has also done work for RFB&D and Catapult Thinking. And if you're ever in Boston, you may catch him riding around the city on his trusted blue road bike, Gloria. He recently started a Blog, which can be found at:


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In which a sad announcement is made.

Sit back, relax and remember what is important with Kingyo Used Books!

The PCS crew on the final volume of Hellsing and more!

World of Warcraft as manga? What?

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A smattering of titles including some Shonen Jump, some BL, and some Black Butler!

Featuring Future Diary, Yakitate!! Japan and more!

Featuring two CMX titles and the finale of The Record of a Fallen Vampire!

Break away from the kiddy clutter with Dinosaur King!

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