Melinda Beasi

Melinda Beasi makes her home at Manga Bookshelf, where she reviews and discusses manga, manhwa, and related works. Melinda is a self-professed “stumbling writer, dog-lover, fiction addict, and mac geek” with a strong background in theater and music and a passion for Banana Fish.


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Melinda finds both emotional and historical resonance in You Higuri’s lavish period drama.

A few from Del Rey, a few from DMP, and one lonely manhwa from Yen Press.

Also includes reviews of Honey and Clover, S.A, and We Were There.

Emotional Slice-of-Life Story About A Man’s Search For Family, Love And His Place In The World Engages Fans Of Both Manga And U.S. Indie Comics And Previewed On

The PCS crew on the best and the disappointing from 2009!

The Last Hand-Selected Volume Out Of A 100+ Volume Hit Series Exploring Essential Elements Of Japanese Cuisine is coming to an end. Volume 7 Izakaya-Pub Food Is Here!

Featuring Aria, Tsubasa: Those with Wings, and more!

Yen Press has announced that it will publish a manga adaptation of Cecily von Ziegesar’s New York Times bestselling series, GOSSIP GIRL, about the lives of girls at an elite New York City private high school.

Harlequin manga will now be available for rental through eManga’s online manga service, bringing the manga versions of the popular Harlequin romance novels to the US for english readers to enjoy!

Zany Comedy About Office Romance And Social Class Introduces The ‘Josei’ Genre Of Manga Aimed At Older Female Readers

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