Melinda Beasi

Melinda Beasi makes her home at Manga Bookshelf, where she reviews and discusses manga, manhwa, and related works. Melinda is a self-professed “stumbling writer, dog-lover, fiction addict, and mac geek” with a strong background in theater and music and a passion for Banana Fish.


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Moving on from “licensing limbo,” the PCS crew lists the books they’d like to see licensed, period.

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Melinda is enchanted by the first six volumes of this manhwa retelling of the ninth century classic.

The PCS crew takes a look at 11th Cat Special, the final volume of Naoki Urasawa’s Monster, and more.

The PCS crew lists the books they’d like to see saved from licensing limbo.

Idumi Kirihara’s drama about drama falls short of a standing ovation.

Melinda and Kate weigh in on Fruits Basket, Hanky Panky and Mao-Chan.

Melinda revisits Mizu Sahara’s thoughtful manga adaptation of Makoto Shinkai’s short film.

The gang answers that time-honored question, “Which manga character are you?”

Reviews of Bogle, Claymore, Crayon Shinchan, Shinobi Life and more…

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