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By Eric Blair on February 3, 2012 at 8:53 am


Electric Guest – American Daydream: This song here had me hooked from the first chord that touched my ears. This is a laid back, chill song with a sprinkle of Jazz and Funk to it. I love it!


Elle Varner – Ghost: I like this song, I really do. I am not a big fan of R&B but this song is very soulful. I love soulful R&B songs, I just might feature more tracks from this artist. Keep your ears open for more music from this young lady.


Emilio Rojas – Breaking Point: I have heard this artist featured on quite a few Hip-Hop songs. My feelings about this rapper are so, so; there isn’t anything that stands out with his lyrical content and delivery BUT the production is what catches my ear. The production really carries this artist on this track.


Evian Christ – Thrown Like Jacks: My Jam of the Week! This is something sick in an ill way. The beat is dope and the vocals are perfect for this song. This song is all instrumental, FYI, that’s what makes this song my jam this week.


Frank Ocean – Voodoo: My only problem with this song is I wish it was longer. I enjoy the lite background vocals behind Frank’s vocals, that’s really makes the song for me. I really wish he stop playing around and put out an album already.


JMSM – Jameson: So, I just picked up JMSN’s album, Priscilla, it’s a very good album. His style reminds me of The Weeknd blended with Justin Timberland because of his sexual undertone with his lyrics and his voice is similar to Justin’s voice. I really like this song from Priscilla.


John Legend: Tonight (Best You Ever Had): Smooth, cool, and sexy are some words to describe this song. This is something different from John Legend’s normal. I enjoy the different style of John in this song; I hope he keeps it.


M.I.A. – Bad Girls: I am kind of a lite fan of M.I.A., I respect her fearless attitude to be different from other female performers. This song caught my ears therefore it made it on Fresh Fridays.


Pretty Lights – We Must Go On: You all know I love this style/genre of music because of the sample vocals and dope beat. This song here has so many elements of styles and instruments in it. Enjoy!


Voli – Stripes: This sample is very dope, who are these producers who find these samples? The producer on this track has done a great f*cking job with the sample and the beat. I feel as if the beat and sample really carries this song.  


White Rabbits – Heavy Metal: This is a good Indie Rock song. This group is new to me, I think. I feel as if I’ve heard this group before but anyway the vocals and the guitar rift are great in this song.


88 Keys – Into The Future: First, you all know I love Back to the Future. Second, this is a dope f*cking song. The beat is smooth and laid back. 88 Keys lyrical content reminds me of Kanye West. This sounds like Kanye a little but all and all this is a great song.


“It’s Fresh Fridays; hope you have a nice weekend!”

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I’m kinda disappointed. Seemed like a lot of folks was reppin’ hard for Emily, but y’all was just talkin’! I’m sorry, I make no bones about my preference when it comes to the Deschanel sisters, but if y’all wanna side with the hipster-bait, fine by me!

By Kayode Kendall on February 1, 2012 at 5:19 pm

Alright! So this week, me and the gang decided to talk abut the music we listened to during our high school/college years. What were those perfect albums? What were those songs that just struck that perfect note. What made us appreciate music the way we do today? . . . . What, am I supposed to answer those questions here?! Listen to the damn podcast, people!!!


David Guetta’s current album Nothing But The Beat keeps churning out the singles and this time the popular DJ/Producer teams up with Nicki Minaj for the fifth single from the album Turn Me On.

In this new video, we watch as Guetta plays a mad scientist creating his very own Nicki Minaj from scrap parts. Once the doll is assembled (her plastic skin is shiny and completely bare), she slowly transforms into the very human-looking Nicki and Guetta unleashes it onto the world.

As one of the stronger tracks from the album, the very stylish music video complements the song completely.

Be careful, this video may be considered NSFW!!!

By Kayode Kendall on January 31, 2012 at 2:39 pm

Disclaimer: Apologies to my excessive use of the word “nigga”, but there’s really no other way to describe the dudes who do “dumb-nigga” shit, and get hemmed up for taxes.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but if there’s one thing that pisses me off, it’s hearing about another rapper who owes mad taxes to the IRS. With news breaking of Bow Wow owing close to 100 G’s, and Soulja Boy being just plain broke (well, that one kinda gives me the happies!), among others, it just seems rather baffling to me that these niggas still have not learned anything from stories like MC Hammer’s and others who came before them.

By Eric Blair on January 27, 2012 at 11:04 am

We’re back to the regular new and relatively new songs. This week I am feeling almost all the following tracks below. I’ve put a great list together for you guys, enjoy!


M.I. Featuring Scienze – Bubble: My second Jam of the Week! This song is so freaking Hip-Hop. The beat is very sick with its soulful, simple sound to it. The sample really makes the song for me and the lyrical content is just so laid back and Hip-Hop.


 Mansions On the Moon – Athens: This is a great song, I am a fan of this group now. This track was produced by Skateboard P AKA Pharell. The low vocals on this song reminds me of MGMT. I actually thought this was a MGMT song. Check it out because it’s an excellent song.


Mr. Fogg – Stay Out Of The Sun: This is a very somber, Electro-Pop song. Do not get me wrong this a good song here. The only thing about this song is its kind of depressing but in a good way. Can there be a good depression? Ha!


Sol Featuring Ray Dalton Need Your Love: So I listened to this song quite a few time and I came to a conclusion that this group sounds like Black Eye Peas. The lead singing/rapping vocals, the deep voice background vocals, the female feature, and the funky, poppy beat all sounds like a Black Eye Peas song. Great song!


Tanlines – Brothers: This is one cool a$$ song here! This song makes me want to bust a move. The beat, vocals, and just the all around feel of this song is quite awesome.


DWNTWN – Big Jet Plane (Cover): I hate hearing cover to songs I never heard the original version because when I do go back to listen to the original version I love the cover much better. I have featured music from this group before and I really enjoy the lead vocalist’s voice.


Idle Warship – Enemy: Who is Idle Warship you might ask? A Hip-Hop and R&B duo group featuring Talib Kweli and Res. I’ve recently attended an Idle Warship live show and it was pretty dope. This was one song that stuck out to me during their show. From my live experience to you all ears


The Limousines – Call Me Al (Paul Simon Cover): Another awesome cover! I really love this song, I can’t tell you exactly why. The sound of this song really catches my ear; the vocals are my favorite part of the song.


Logic – Young Sinatra III: My Jam of the Week! YO! This song is crazy dope! It’s so classic, like The Firm or ’96 cool emcee flow type of classic. In my eyes Logic is one of the best emcee that has came out of 2011. This is a new song from Logic, enjoy!


Major Lazer – Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix): This is an awesome freaking dance song! If was ever in a club and I heard this song I would lose my f-ing mind. Please, any DJ that views this volume of Fresh Fridays, use this song in your next play list and watch the hold club go insane.


Manor – Rhodesia: Funny thing, the reason I picked this song because of its build up, if you guys follow me you all would know I hate opening song build ups. This is a very cool Indie Rock song, take my word for it.


Midi Matilda – Day Dreams:  I like this song but I am not over excited about this song. I feel as if this song is the normal Indie Pop song I like to listen to every now and again. I am a little sad because I kind of want to love this song. Oh well.


Newtimers – January Love: Sometime I like songs for the lead singers’ vocals. The lead vocals in this group are cool. He has this 80’s New Wave sound to his vocals. I love it!


San Cisco – Awkward Master: I love how I find catchy song every now and again. Duet songs are very cool. I love the conversational tone in this song between the two leads, that’s one of the coolest things about this song.


Shuteye – How You Are I Never: I don’t think I really like this song now that I listen to it for the tenth time. I am not thrilled about the lead vocals because her vocals really don’t stand out to me. I have been spoiled by these unique, at times gritty female lead vocalists. Sorry.


Skizzy Mars – Sirens: This guy just might be kind of cool. I am feeling his style of delivery and his choice of beat usages is also cool. The chorus of this song is very dope, which is the best part of the song to me.


Terence Ryan – Alan’s Right: This beat and chorus is amazing for an Independent artist. At times Independent artists really impress me more than industry artists. This is a dope song everyone, let’s support more Independent artists.



“It’s Fresh Fridays; hope you have a nice weekend!”


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By Kayode Kendall on January 26, 2012 at 4:07 pm

Not much I can say about JQuest. The Boston M.C. is doing what he can to make a name for himself, and for what it’s worth, “Shopaholic” isn’t a bad track.

By Kayode Kendall on January 26, 2012 at 3:25 pm

Honestly, I don’t follow Odd Future much outside of Tyler The Creator, so it complete slipped me mind that the crew had women in it!

By Kayode Kendall on January 23, 2012 at 9:37 am

Inspired by a conversation me and LeRon had during our last PCS Podcast, now we want you all to decide . . . . who is the hotter Deschanel sister?!?!?!?




Kate may have won the box office battle, but Gina won the Future Ex-Wife war! If you haven’t already, you should all go check out Haywire, ’cause that movie is the business!!!

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