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John Krasinski Is NOT Captain America*

Posted by: Matt Bergin on March 23, 2010 at 9:07 am

*But Johnny Storm is!

Sorry Jim, but according to Screenrant, Aint It Cool News, and, no doubt, a million other sources by now, Chris Evans has been offered–and has accepted–the role of Captain America in Marvel’s upcoming The First Avenger: Captain America.

Instant reaction: Boo–I was genuinely intrigued by the idea of John Krasinski in the role, or maybe a relatively unknown “handsome young arian” to weild the sheild.

Secondary reaction: Chris Evans WAS Johnny Storm in the two Fox-produced Fantastic Four movies. The guy nailed everything about that character except the hair color, but still, he was so perfect in the part that hair color was the only gripe.

But is this a GOOD thing for Captain America?

Johnny Storm is a cocky goofball hothead prankster who finds the will to man up when danger calls. Steve Rogers is–in the comics anyway–an earnest, noble runt who wants desperately to serve his country in World War 2, but he isn’t up to snuff. But he has such heart and a willingness to do ANYTHING to be a hero to his country that he signs up for the super soldier program. He is psysically limited, but a hero from the start. And the super soldier serum simply gives him the physical goods to back up his spirit.

I’m sure the movie’s story will be a little more nuanced than this, but will Evans’ performance?

I’m a big Captain America fan–original, Ultimate, Bucky-Cap, and everything in between–so I hope this works. And I’d even say I am a fan of Chris Evans’ work–Push was entertaining, he was great in the FF movies, and I even liked that silly cellphone thriller he was in a few years ago. Marvel has been aces so far, but they’ve also been casting A-list actors. Like him or not, Evans is B-list all the way…at least until he gets that big A on his forehead.

Fingers crossed that this will be good. Luckily, the bar for Cap on film has been set…low.

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2 Responses to "John Krasinski Is NOT Captain America*"

1 | Luthorcrow

March 28th, 2010 at 2:01 pm


My interest in this movie died when I read that Chris Evans got the role. Let’s be honest the boy has zero charisma and is only a moderately good actor. The FF films were train wrecks and he was definitely one of things causing the train to jump the tracks (the only good thing about those movies with Fishburne’s voice acting in the 2nd film). As I see it I add up Evans this way.

1) No charisma
2) Limited acting talent
3) Does not have the gravitas to be a paragon/leader

Now, when I heard Chris Pines might be up for the role that had promise. There is actor that has charisma, talent and has already shown he can play that sort of hero type.

Evans on the other hand would be left to playing male bimbo roles like the ‘probie’ character on the TV show “Rescue Me” and not a lead role.

2 | kayode

March 30th, 2010 at 7:00 am


The only issue I have with Evans is how young he skews compared to the rest of the actors that have already been introduced in this new cinematic Marvel Universe. But I think he’s still grown as an actor, more than some would give him credit for, and I’m more than willing to give him a chance. As for having no charisma, I couldn’t disagree more. And I’m sure you could find more people to say Evans as Johnny Storm was actually one of the few good things about the FF movies. And the brief shot of him in the Scott Pilgrim trailer was damn near priceless. So I don’t know where someone could say he’s got no charisma.

Imagine how close we came to getting stuck with Channing Tatum!!

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