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GCA 2007: Rising Star Award

Posted by: Rich Watson on April 9, 2007 at 9:24 pm

Darryl Hughes & Monique MacNaughton, GAAK
GAAK webcomic
“…GAAK was originally thought out as a GN and broken up into issues. Monique and I got tired of submitting, being told a good all ages comic was just what the industry need, but being turned down for publication in the same breath…. We were getting nowhere with a start up subscription called Creature Feature Comics which folded and left us kinda floundering after 6 months of effort, so we decided to show the comic to date online, finish it, and then self publish it.”

Mark Page, Kana’s Island
KI website
“The first trip I took to Maui was in 2000, and even while I was in school, I always wanted to do my own stop-motion or animation project. I always had stories that I wanted to tell. While I was in my third term at Art Center, I did a little claymation stop-motion movie, just experimenting with that, and I learned a lot from it. I was always working on characters and designing environments and coming up with the stories of their little lives, so when I visited Maui for the first time it really sparked something in me. The beauty of the place, the people; I wanted to move there! I just loved it so much.”

Felipe Smith, MBQ
Felipe Smith’s website
“The story is very closely related to my own personal life. 5 out of the 6 main characters in MBQ are people I know. Most of them go by the same name they go by in the book. Others have different names, to protect their identity [laughs]. The story’s backdrop is L.A., the city I reside in, so I often draw real locations. It’s exciting to see people recognize grocery stores, buildings and karaoke bars I frequent and have drawn in MBQ.”

Spike, Templar, Arizona
TA website
“There’s this band called Skankin’ Pickle my husband listened to, they have a song called ‘I’m In Love With a Girl Named Spike.’ Back when we were proto-boyfriend/girlfriend, he said it reminded him of me. I said that was cool with me, and I started signing it to my comics. Turns out the song’s about a character from Degrassi Junior High or something. Oops. Whatever. I’m all attached to it, now, so it’s way too late. Everyone calls me Spike. Fortunately, I’m into it.”

Masheka Wood, What Masheka Did
WMD website
“I’m always angered by the amount of money we spend on offense. I can’t even really call it defense… I teach kids in Brownsville, Brooklyn. The program I teach in, it’s always dealing with lack of money and funds. And to hear that our surplus is now gone, because it’s been spent on the military, is frustrating, because we should be focusing on education, not producing a whole new crop of terrorists.”

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