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Posted by: Kayode Kendall on November 30, 2010 at 3:08 pm

In what’s been a pretty “meh” year for me as far as movies, I’m actually looking forward to Darren Aranofsky’s Black Swann. It seems to harken back to the dizzying madness of Requiem For A Dream (A film I love that I’ve yet to, and will probably never watch again in its entirety, for fear that my nightmares will swallow me whole while I sleep!), coupled with this demented fairy tale sensibility. (What? Am I missing something? Oh, for the love of puppies!! Fine, I’ll mention it!) And apparently Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis are gonna be kissin’ each other and shit, too! In any event, with the film opening in limited release this week (and coincidentally, Portman and Kunis have competing films about “f*** buddies” coming out next year), I thought it’d be nice to see which of these leading ladies would win in the showdown.

Natalie Portman

What don’t we know about Portman at this point? The Professional, Harvard Grad, rockin’ a bald head like a G.I. Jane-era Demi Moore, the marginally unforgivable Star Wars Prequels, the list goes on and on.


Mila Kunis

While I look forward to the Portman-scribed “women behaving badly”-style sex comedy she’s been pitching, I feel like Mila’s the one who can do all that stuff and make it look easy, whereas Portman may try too hard. And while I definitely can’t say for certain, I get the feeling that she may have genuine homicidal tendencies, and I kinda like that. The uncertainty of it all, ya know?

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