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Posted by: Kayode Kendall on April 30, 2010 at 9:57 am

So I’ve decided things have been getting a little boring with this feature, and to be fair, I’ve never been terribly consistent in my posting every week, which I’m trying to change. I figured I’d try to shake things up, and part of that is to try out theme months, focusing on a specific group of ladies. So next week, May is gonna be 90s Soul Sistas Month. I know there are far too many of them to just pick four, but dammit if I’m not gonna try! I’m sure folks could come up with a minimum of four silky-voiced cuties that I’d catch hell for not including, but like I always say, if you don’t like my selections . . . that’s your problem.

But I do genuinely want to make things a little more inclusive for the readers, and hopefully make it a little more fun. So in June (and lasting until the end of the summer), We’re gonna start doing The Future Ex-Wife Showdown. On the Monday of every week, I’ll offer up two ladies for readers to vote on, with the winner being presented on the Friday of that week. You make the call, dammit! I won’t be held responsible!

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