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Fresh Fridays Vol. V

Posted by: Eric Blair on August 22, 2011 at 11:47 pm


The Tracks

Airstrike – On Your Forehead: Here is another song I stumbled upon on the net. I like the beat of this song and I enjoy the strange sound of the lead singer’s voice.


Angermund – I Want You Back: I love that sound effect in the background of the beat, “Uh ha uh.” I know that’s not a good reason to like a song but overall the song sounds good therefore it made the list this week.


ANR – Stay Kids Memory Tapes Remix: This song is very mellow, with a medium tempo to the beat. The vocals are calm, sometimes lower than the beat making this song cool.


J. Cole – Bring ‘Em In: Another week with J. Cole, this beat is really tight. I can relate to many J. Cole songs because they’re about women like this one. Who wouldn’t want their girlfriend to bring a friend?


Unknown Artist – Keep On Walking: This song was brought to my attention by my great friend Kevin. I don’t know who sings this song, all I know I dig it. It has that soulful 60’s sound to it. That makes this song super dope!


Kid Cudi – No One Believes Me: Dark and depressing, the Kid Cudi I love. I enjoy anything from him but this song here is very bleak. I like the beat and Cudi’s delivery on the song. I can really feel his pain, very Emo Rap.


Outasight – Figure 8: I am not a big fan of Pop Rap but this song is pretty good. Very catchy backed by a good beat. Give it a listen.


Patrick Wolf – The Falcons: I have another song by this artist I really like; in the beginning of the song I wasn’t sure if I would like it enough to make the list. After the song had time to breathe and really start, I like it. This song has a very good beat; a lot going on in the beat but that works for this song.


Pusha T Featuring Kanye West and Young Jezzy – Amen: This just might be a big song in the streets and club scene. It’s good but I have heard better from Pusha T.


San Cisco – Golden Revolver: I don’t know what I like about this song exactly; it might be the sound of it or the nature band sound they give off. I can’t put my finger on it but give it a listen, it’s good.


Tyrese Featuring Ludacris – Too Easy: Another song for the strippers, thank me later in pole tricks.


Walk The Moon – I Can Lift a Car: The title is bad ass, who wouldn’t want to lift a car? I like their sound, reminds me a little of Kings of Leon. I feel as this song is sort of catchy, I love the chorus.


STS Featuring Yelawolf: This is my jam of the week! I love this song, the beat, and the sample in the song. The first verse is like spoken word/poetry really makes the song for me. The first verse is kind of a build up to the rapping portion of the song. It’s a dope song!




“It’s Fresh Fridays; hope you have a nice weekend!”


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