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Fresh Fridays Vol. XXVI

Posted by: Eric Blair on February 24, 2012 at 11:29 am


B.o.B – So Good: New B.o.B, pretty solid song. I am not quite impressed with this track. I can’t really put my finger on it but it’s not catching my ear like it should be. It’s a very solid track therefore enjoy!


Chiddy Bang – Grab A Plate: Maaaaaan, this beat is so soulful, Hip-Hop, and sick! I am so looking forward for their new album on February 28th. I really feel like this is going to be a good album because Chiddy and Jones make a great duo with their combination of soulful beats and catchy and clever lyrics. I am excited!


Colin Munroe Featuring Pusha T – The Fight of My Life: Before I go beyond this point, this song really could have done without Pusha T. Pusha T’s few bars really took away from the goodness of the song. His lyrics are a little too aggressive for this song; other then that this is a good song. The beat is great and the passion in Colin’s lyrics are felt greatly.


Cygnets – Teenager: I think this song is New Wave, would this song be in the “New” New Wave genre? Would 80s New Wave be Old Wave at this point? Disregard my small rant, Teenager is a fun song. This song gives off the 80s New Wave sound from their lyrics to the heavy usage of synthesizer. Nice!


fun. Featuring Janelle Monae – We Are Young: I like this song but my only problem is I thought Janelle’s part in this song was going to be a little bigger. Do not get me wrong, I like her part; it added a nice flow to this song. I just wanted more Janelle. Oh well, still a good song.  


Gabrielle Wortman – Ghost: The beat built up is what does it for me in this song. This artist has a great voice. It’s not soulful but there is passion behind her voice. She can hit a pretty good high note.


Josh Xantus – Take 2: I have never heard of this artist until volume 26. I gave a few of his tracks a listen, and Take 2 stuck out to me. I really don’t like these types of sexy songs unless it’s the Weeknd or Prince but this guy is nice. I really like the beat and the way he carries a note throughout this song.


Logic – The Spotlight: My Jam of the Week! This dude is too F-bomb-ing sick! Yo, his flow, lyrical content, and his vibe on this song are so nice. Not average “nice” more like “niiiiiiiiiice” type of nice. I am debating if should I go to his show tonight in Philly, I know it’s going to be sick.


M.i – Nothing: I have a three song rule about new artists; if I hear three good songs from an artist or group I will check out their album. I think this is the second song from this artist that I like. I really feel the beat, its basic with sprinkles of soul behind each lyrics. Crossing my fingers, give me one more good song, pleeeeeease.


Melanie Fiona – Change The Record Featuring B.o.B: I am not really a big fan of Melanie Fiona but this is a solid song from her. Enjoy!


Miami Beat Wave – Hold My Heart: I hate Dance music, I really do BUT Boss Man K sent this group’s EP my way and I gave it a listen. This song stuck out from their EP – The Afterlight, the beat is good, the drop is nice, and the background vocals are my favorite part in this song.


My Great Ghost – Plain Sight: This is a really good song, I hate when I realize there is a good song in my presence too late. This is going onto my iPod right now. The beat is really what caught my ears, its pretty dope.


Rhye – Open: I am really feeling this song. This song is so sexy and beautiful; any woman who sings this song to me will have my boxer draws will drop instantly. The beat and her gritty but smooth voice are so lovely.


Sam Padrul – Let’s Make History: Why did I pick this song? This was an error on my behalf, my bad. I do not like this song because of the upbeat beat accompanied by this Dancehall type of lead vocals. Would this be Dancehall because I hate Dancehall and any Rave type of music.


Ting Tings – Soul Killing: I really like this song, this group kind of reminds me of No Doubt. For one, their lead singer is a woman and she kind of sounds like Gwen. For two, this song incorporates elements of Ska Punk, now that’s a call for dope-ness.


Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) – N*ggas In Poorest: Mos Def meets N*ggas In Paris, enough said.



Before I go, for all those up and coming artists out there looking to have their music featured on Fresh Fridays you can reach me at @HeavyAsHeaven84 on Twitter.



“It’s Fresh Fridays; hope you have a nice weekend!”


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