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Meanwhile, at the Comic Blog Elite: Attention, Children–Sequential Art!

Posted by: Matt Bergin on February 3, 2010 at 9:57 am

When I announced plans to members of the Comic Blog Elite toplist for this showcase column, one of the first bloggers to contact me about it was Jim Callaway from Attention, Children–Sequential Art. The guy was full of energy and eager to get the word out about his website–so much so, that he offered to write an original post for me. I had to remind him that I was interested in promoting blogs and bloggers, so he agreed to just go ahead and keep doing his thing at ACSA, while I promised to give him the first showcase.

When Jim isn’t writing for himself, he contributes content to PopMatters.com. One recent PM piece he wrote was a review of Fall of the Hulks: Alpha, which inspired him to dig a little deeper on his own blog into the relationship between the Incredible Hulk (the green one) and his archnemesis the Leader. It isn’t the voluntary PR for Marvel’s Hulk-centric event that you might expect from other sites, nor is it a goofy numbered list of “funny” quips about green skin and gamma rays. Jim writes as a fan and an enthusiast, simply getting geeky about a subject that struck his fancy.

And this is how it is on ACSA all the time (the site has been running for about a year now). Jim has a great enthusiasm for what he writes about and for writing in general, and he does a really fine job of balancing his fanboy glee with actual research and deeper insights. Other reasons to check out ACSA include Jim’s requesite snark, his choice of a simple Blogger template design that doesn’t strain the eyes or pain the brain, and his freshly unexpected topics that tend to lean more toward the personal than the promotional.

ACSA is currently hovering around #143 on the CBE, so it has a long climb up the list before it falls into the top 10. Let’s give it a push.

And be sure to visit the CBE toplist for links to all the other great sites that make up your comics Internet!

THE CBE TOP 10: February 3, 2010

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