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Battle illustrates Aspen’s ‘Scourge’

Posted by: Rich Watson on May 10, 2010 at 9:54 pm

“…When you first start with an artist, and certainly I’ve worked with hundreds of artists over the years, when you work with them, you get a sense of who likes the quieter moments and who likes the big moments. In some cases, they like one but don’t like the other. With Eric, they sent some samples of these characters in action and what got me really excited is that Eric is as dynamic and exciting as his gargoyle action sequences are. He is incredibly adept at stopping the action and dealing with the pure emotion of a scene – sometimes in alternating scenes, but also inbetween the action itself. So, Battle is a great name for ‘Scourge,’ but he might also want to name himself Eric Characterdevelopment or Eric Rooftopdialogue, as well. [Laughs] He’s just one of those guys who can do it all.”

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