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Banks’ Vampire Huntress coming to comics!

Posted by: Rich Watson on May 9, 2010 at 2:36 pm

“…To have a strong lead character with complex sexuality/relationship dynamics going on along with super powers… to have an absolutely alpha Latino male lead hero with those same dynamics, and a supporting cast of characters from all walks of life, all ethnic backgrounds (white, Asian, Jewish, Latino, Native American, African American), and all religions, all forming a Guardian team that goes for 12 full length novels, is epic and unprecedented.  As the series got longer and longer, I slowly began to realize that I was building a paranormal fiction “ark” of sorts for multi-ethnic expression.  I really didn’t go into it with that thinking… I was just trying to translate a story into characters that I knew–ones I could identify with, and the Vampire Huntress Legends series evolved out of that.  I think Damali is a standard-bearer now because of that.”

LA Banks

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