“Pop Culture For Grown Ups (Or Those Who Just Think They Are)”

The PopCultureShock.com blog is a collective of industry professionals spotlighting trends in the worlds of Comics, Videogames, Movies/TV, and the LifeStyles of our digital generation. Beginning as an online magazine in 1999, PopCultureShock has evolved into the premiere social hub of original voice guiding YOU into what’s hot now and tomorrow.

It’s Your World, We Give it Voice.

The PopCultureShock Crew

Kayode is a long-time contributor, now in charge of the whole she-bang, as Popcultureshock’s Editor-in-Chief. When he’s not trying to convince people that Christian Slater’s 1992 police comedy, “Kuffs”, deserves a sequel, he says whatever comes to his insane mind with his “Because I Said So” blog.

Jon is PCS’ grumpy old webmonkey. He plays old ass games (CVS2 and MVC2, at the arcade) and listens to old ass music (golden age hip-hop). He does keep up with comics, but that’s mostly because he’s the webmaster for MidtownComics.com. All of which is why we just keep him busy with site stuff and don’t entrust him with actually writing much new content.

Shola Akinnuso
XBL: Shola Black

Shola Akinnuso is one of the original co-founders of the site.
Current Likes: Inglourious Basterds, Drag Me To Hell, Street Fighter IV, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, and Walter Mosely’s The Long Fall. Current Dislikes: Monthly Comics. All Trades, All the time, baby!

Howard Brown is PCS’ Senior Games Editor. When not actively in pursuit of world domination, he can usually be found either reading too much or gaming too much. Reportedly, he’s a Japanese brotha trapped in a Black man’s body but we don’t have confirmation on that yet…

Ernie Estrella

Ernie is the Senior Movie Editor and PCS Interviewer. He reviews Comics, DVDs, and Blu-Rays, but when he gets a chance to smell the fresh air, it’s just on the way to the art house to see a film the way it’s supposed to be, on the big screen.

In the “Who’s hotter: gamer girls or comic girls?” Tally is apparently the only PCS staffer rooting for the gamer girls.

The PopCultureShock design and content collective has worked on numerous print and web-based publications including: Blender, Vibe, Gamers Republic, Play Magazine, Aint-It-Cool-News, Psycomic.com, Figures.com, Hardcore Gamer Magazine, Games Radar, Game Partisan, and Nerve.com.